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my name is Wterh.

Read like as "Shtern".

This is my web portfolio
showing the level of their own achievements and ideologies.

To date, I have lived 11738 days.
Or 32 year old.

about myself

I have been doing web development since 2008.
Thanks to my experience, I can solve difficult problems in a
short time,
using the most effective ways to solve these problems, which, in turn, leads to an increase in their performance.


php, ngnix+FPM, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, Smarty, Twig, Swipper, c3 jQuery Charts, RequireJs, JSON\XML, API, Simple HTML Dom, PhantomJS, git, CI\CD (Buddy CI), cURL, CORS, regEXP.

My projects
Here is a vertical list of my projects.
Please swipe to down.
TG: RandomPaper
Telegram channel, posted random wallpapers from wallhaven.
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Personal calatog for my mini-games.
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League 17 revival
Browser text-based MMORPG for browsers.
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Age of Monarch
Browser text-based MMORPG for smartphones.
My Anime list.
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Small js script to see sizes of your browser.
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The SCP Foundation
Custom CSS theme for Stylus.
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CLI application for checking sites for errors, meta tags, headers and other things.
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Roskomnadzor clicker
IDLE Clicker about the conflict between RKN and Telegram.
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Roskomnadzor 2018
Puzzle like 2048, about the conflict between RKN and Telegram.
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Roskomnadzor Adventures
Platform Arcade like Mario Brows, about Roskomnadzor.
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State system of conflict resulution. Some little joke.
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